General Questions

For best results- always Shotfun a COLD beverage. No one likes a warm beer! 

We have both a regular size 12 oz can version as well as a slim can version. Please be sure to read each product description carefully!

Make sure to align the trigger piercer to the can mouthpiece (where you usually drink out of the can).

Make sure you pierced the first hole when you pumped the shotfun. If you don’t pierce the first hole with the pump, the beverage won’t flow fast.

If you did not pierce the first hole with the pump, pressure builds up and makes the beverage shoot out of the mouthpiece. Make sure you pump hard enough to penetrate the bottom of the can. This is your air hole and is very important.

Not to worry! The beverage still flows if the trigger is pulled. 

When you pump the shotfun make sure you do a smooth motion and don’t jerk the Shotfun resulting in an accidental shake of the can. Shotfunning a warm beer will also result in excess foam.

Hit the weight room!  It may help to wrap your thumb and index finger around to the front of the pump so you have a better grip.

Shipping policy

You are on your way to getting the greatest thing to happen to tailgates in a long time! Have questions on when you can expect your Shotfun? Please see common quesitons or click here for the full Shipping Policy.

Currently shipping to the United States and Canada

With exception of pre-orders. Orders are typically processed within 1-3 business days. Please see Shipping Policy for more information!

Returns and exchanges

We hope you love your Shotfun Shotgun, but if there is an issue please contact us!

We do have a 10 day return policy on damaged or defective products, please see the Return Policy page for full details.